We have piled together some of the questions you, as a customer, ask most and given you our straight answers!
  Q: What us your hourly shop rate?  
  A: $90 Per Hour  
  Q: Do you accept Credit Cards?  
  A: Yes, We accept Discovery, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express for your convenience.  
  Q: Which is better, Steel or Fiberglass?  
  A: While it is typically thought that steel is worth more, a fiberglass car is often stronger than steel.  
  Q: What is a good entry level street rod to build?  
  A: An afforable, popular choice is a 1932 highboy roadster with a carburated 350 Chevy, a dropped straight axle front end, and a 9" Ford rear end. Depending on accessories, these generally start at $80,000.  
  Q: Do fenderless cars require more exterior maintenance?  
  A: No. Typically it's the other way around. Rocks tend to deflect straight back, not sideways into the car.  
  Q: What EXACTLY do you do?  
  A: We strive to provide the best in general repair as well as full builds. Performing anything from accessory installitions to electrical troubleshooting. However, we DO NOT manufacture parts.  
  Q: Do you guys build cars for "regular people" or just for TV?  
  A: YES! We build cars for a wide variety of customers, with varying price ranges. If you can dream it, we can build it.  
  Q: Can I stop by the shop and look around?  
  A: Absolutley! We love to have our fans and customers come by for a peek! We are open Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM, Saturday 10AM-2PM and are closed Sundays. The entire crew is usually attendance, and we have an onsite retail store open during business hours.  
  Q: Do you do repair work as well?  
  A: Our bread and butter is repair work, we pride ourselves on our ability to help you out of any repair related situation you might be in.  
  Q: Do you build muscle cars as well or just hot rods?  
  A: We build them both! the market is currently leaning twords the muscle cars, so we have learned to go with the flow.  
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