- 2007 Good Guy's Street Rod of the year

-2007 AMBR People's Choice Winner

-2007 AMBR Contender

-2007 GoodGuy's Street Rod D'Elegance Top 5

-Featured in STREET RODDER in Jan of 2008

-Featured in the GoodGuy'd Gazette in July of 2008


If Ferrari, formula one, and a 32 roadster had a love child, F-32 would be it. Drawing inspiration from the old race cars it resembles, F-32 has as much brute as it does beauty. It was crowned with the coveted GoodGuy's Street Rod of the Year in 2007 and then made the top 5 in the GoodGuy's Street Rod D'Elegance the same year. There was not a piece, part, or plug that wasn't skillfully hand made on F-32, from the tubular chassis to the aluminum body. Barry's Speed Shop is proud to call this "the most bad ass roadster we have ever built", and we mean it.